Running a NAPA league is a fun and a rewarding experience. If you enjoy socializing with people. If you enjoy working only a few hours and seeing a nice reward. If you love the game of pool. Then becoming a league operator might be for you.


The NAPA has a very unique League Operator's Program. The NAPA handles all of your League Operator paperwork at our main office. We take care of all your weekly score entries, all of your player handicapping, all your season scheduling and all of your weekly team and player standings.

As a League Operator with the NAPA you have three main responsibilities.

  1. Be a point of contact for all of your local players and teams
  2. Manage your local player prize money
  3. Promote your league
That's it! No player handicap maintenance. No score entry. No season scheduling. Leave the work to us!

Fill out the form below! A representative from the NAPA will get back with you shortly with all the details you'll need.

North American Poolshooters Association will never sell or give any of the information you provide to another party. All information you send to us is strictly used as a means to contact you with more information on our pool league.