Matches are to begin at the designated time set by the local NAPA league operator. At least one (1) player on a team's roster must be present at the playing venue no later than fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start time. For example: If your matches are to begin at 7:00pm, a minimum of one player on the roster must be present by 7:15pm. If no players are present within fifteen (15) minutes of the original start time, then a team forfeit must be declared. In the event of individual late arrivals, shooters must be present by the time the last shot is made on the match before theirs is to begin. If, by that time, no shooter, already on the team roster, is available to play that match, that match and any that follow are to be forfeited.

If a player is present or if multiple players are present for a team and they refuse to play because the rest of their team did not show up on time, then it is an automatic team forfeit.