Teams are allowed to recruit new shooters for their team up through week five (5) of each session. This includes BYE weeks. If a team already has a full 8-man roster with the league the team can only recruit new shooters to their roster if an existing shooter on the roster is removed from the roster. Once a shooter is removed from the roster they cannot be placed back onto the roster in the same session or season.

If you are adding a new shooter for your team on league night and the shooter is not yet listed on your roster you must notify the opposing team’s captain who the new shooter is and their skill level before the team match begins. If you do not notify the opposing team captain before the team match begins the new shooter will be ineligible to play on that league night. Team captains can pencil in the shooter’s name on the score sheet and the NAPA will officially add the shooter to the roster after league night has completed.