If a team is a “no show” or a team has to forfeit an entire match, the opposing team is awarded a standard win (14 points) for each match on their score sheet. The team which is awarded the forfeited wins must pay their entire team’s nightly league dues in order to receive points. If the nightly league dues are not in the team packet at the end of match night, no points will be awarded. The team that has forfeited the match will receive 0 points.

NOTE: If a team has at least one shooter, their team does NOT have to forfeit the entire team match. The lone shooter should go ahead and play their individual match. If the shooter’s teammates are still a “no show” at the end of the individual match the team will be credited with the one individual match played and all points accumulated during that match and simply forfeit the remaining individual matches. The remaining forfeited matches are considered ‘individual’ matches and the opposing team is credited with 20 points for each one as stated in rule 5.4 (above).

If an entire team forfeits three weeks during a session the team will be dropped from the division.