If the cue ball is frozen to the object ball, pushing through the cue ball is a legal hit. If there is separation between the two balls equal to or less than the width of a piece of chalk, the shooter must keep from double hitting the cue ball. This can be executed by elevating the cue stick to, at least, a 45 degree angle. As long as this attempt is made, no foul can be called. If the distance between the two balls is greater than the width of a standard size piece of billiard chalk, a double hit of the cue ball is a ball-in-hand foul. When confronted with this situation, it is strongly recommended that a third party or referee be called to watch the hit to avoid controversy. If a third party is not called, it is the shooter’s decision.

NOTE: You do not have to elevate your cue stick if you know how to make this shot without double hitting the cue ball. Elevating your cue stick is a recommendation to avoid being called for a foul