NAPA offers "no coaching" and "coaching" league formats.

In the NAPA "no coaching" league format, players are not allowed to receive coaching at anytime, while it is their turn at the pool table.  They ARE allowed to receive coaching when it is NOT their turn at the table.

In the NAPA "coaching" league format, the following grid must be followed at all times during league and match play

Grandmaster Class 110 and higher None
Master Class 90 to 109 None
Class A 70 to 89 None
Class B 50 to 69 1
Class C 30 to 49 1
Class D 10 to 29 2
Class E 9 and under 2

The shooter’s coach must be a shooter on his or her team. Only the shooter, team captain, acting team captain or designated coach may call a time out. The designated coach is allowed to change at any time during a shooter's match. The designated coach does not have to always be the same person during the shooter's match. If a time out is called, the time out must be taken. The coach may not at any time consult, converse, or communicate with another person other than the shooter during the time out.

At any time when it is your player's turn at the table, any mention (by the shooter or any team member) of a "time out", "want to talk about it", or any action or comment that might suggest a Time Out, a Time Out will be taken, if one is available to the player. If a Time Out is not available to the player, that is a cue ball-in-hand foul.

 The following are NOT considered coaching:

  1. Wishing your teammate good luck.
  2. Reminding your teammate to chalk up.
  3. Reminding your teammate to call their pocket.
  4. Telling your teammate a foul has occurred.
  5. Telling your teammate that he has ball-in-hand.
  6. Answering or asking a rule question.
  7. Complimenting your teammate for good play.
  8. Quietly, discussing strategy, advice, etc. in a non-distracting fashion, when it is NOT their turn. This is considered "sideline coaching" and is legal, however, ALL sideline coaching must cease immediately after your opponent's turn has ended (the last ball stops rolling).

NOTE: Telling your teammate which category of balls he or she has is a foul and the incoming shooter receives cue ball in hand.