The North American Poolshooters Association (NAPA) is the managing body of NAPA pool leagues throughout the United States and Canada. The focus of the NAPA is to provide a unique and competitive playing ground for pool shooters across North America.



The NAPA was founded in 2009 and is the fastest growing pool league in North America.


The NAPA does not charge an annual membership to NAPA players. Once a player plays their first NAPA sanctioned match they immediately become a lifetime member of the NAPA.


Rewarding our players is a key focus in the NAPA. The NAPA provides a unique cash payout program and pays out cash prizes to its players at the end of every session. Cash prizes are determined by the number of players in the local area and the size of the local division.


The NAPA maintains detailed stats on every game played for the lifetime of the player. Every NAPA player has a profile page on the NAPA web site and can view their stats online at anytime. Player stats are updated every 24 hours. Some examples of stats that are stored are overall match record, win percentage, success rate against women, success rate against men, average points per match, break and runs, shutouts, and much more!


The NAPA offers three different league formats for the players to choose from. The NAPA offers the following league types:
  • Singles
  • 3-man Teams
  • 4-man Teams
  • 5-man Teams
  • Scotch Doubles
In all of these formats players participate with other players and battle for first place in their local division. All players on the first place team go directly to our national championship without having to play in any regional events.


The NAPA offers league play for 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball and Lagger's Choice.


The NAPA provides a local ranking as well as a national ranking for all NAPA players. Ranking is determined by the player's skill level, average points per match and win percentage.


The NAPA holds a yearly singles championship for all qualified NAPA players. The NAPA Nationals is a championship tournament that defines the best NAPA players from North America in each skill level class. All NAPA Player's qualify for the NAPA Nationals directly from their home town without having to play in regional events.


  • Grandmaster Class - any player with a skill level of 110 and higher
  • Master Class - any player skill with a level of 90-109
  • Class A - any player with a skill level of 70-89
  • Class B - any player with a skill level of 50-69
  • Class C - any player with a skill level of 30-49
  • Class D - any player with a skill level of 10-29
  • Class E - any player with a skill level of 9 and under